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Karen 4 Your Pets
Serving the Greater St. Catharines area

Why You Should Hire a Professinal

Your Pets Are Worth It

You shouldn't trust your pets and home to just anyone.  You can trust me.

Insured and bonded.

Whether you’re on vacation, traveling for business, or just don’t like leaving your pet at home all day, enjoy peace of mind knowing your fur babies are with someone "older and wiser". This is what I do for a living. This gets 100% of my attention. 


I have clients that will actually plan their vacations around my availability which, to me, is the ultimate compliment.  Hire a responsible adult you can trust to go the extra mile.  Maturity has its benefits.  

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About Your Sitter

About Me

Karen Lowden
Chief Executive Giver of Scratchies
Karen 4 Your Pets

I spent my entire adult life caring for children with special needs, the majority of it as an Educational Assistant with the District School Board of Niagara. I took my early retirement from caring for children to focus on other people's pets!


Of course, I've always been very passionate about animals and animal welfare.  Just ask my clients.  I have a special way with animals, even ones that would normally constantly bark at, or hide from others.


I never had children of my own.  I'm currently dog mom to three chihuahuas-- Lola (12), Tux (10) and Pearl (9). 

I've always been very athletic, and dog walking allows me to enjoy both exercise and the outdoors.  I've completed a dozen half marathons, and really enjoy having a dog along with me on my training runs and hikes. At the age of 50, I took up the sport of roller derby and fell in love with it.  It's not just the physical challenge-- we give back to the community in so many ways as well.

After the passing of my father, I had some time to reflect on life and what was important to me.  I decided to take a leap of faith and turn my passion for animals into my way of life.  What was once a part-time gig I enjoyed when I wasn't working has become

Karen For Your Pets! 


I pride myself on the high-standard of care and services that I offer. I have a number of clients who have become more like family, and clients who consider me to be an integral member of their family. People will actually plan their vacations around my availability which, to me, is the ultimate compliment.  I hope I get the chance to meet you and your pet soon.  I service the greater St. Catharines area.


    What I Offer

    Let's schedule a complimentary, 30-minute Meet and Greet

    to see if we're a good fit.  

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    I Come to You

    Live-In Pet Sitting at Your Home

    I cater to the client who wants the upscale experience for their pets.  Your pet gets to stay in the security and comfort of their own home where they are happy and stress free. Their exercise and routines remain the same and your pet will be safe from various illnesses that can be contacted in kennels.

    You get a responsible, experienced adult to care for your home and pets while you're away. 

    We schedule a complimentary 30-minute "Meet and Greet" ahead of time to go over all of the information necessary for a successful overnight stay.  I'll be taking your place while you're gone, making sure everyone is safe and happy.  Heck, I'll even vacuum up the pet hair, bring in the mail, and put the trash bins out for you.


    Wedding Day Pet Attendant

    Complete dog handling and assistance throughout your event so you can enjoy your wedding day, your family and friends, as well as your fur baby. This includes on leash exercising, hydrating, feeding, and bathroom breaks. If required I will walk your dog down the aisle and work with the photographer to capture the best possible photo of your entire family which of course includes your pet.

    Upgrades are available including transporting your dog to and from the event, pet sitting, and overnight stays when the reception ends.

    Max and Cooper

    Exercise For Your Dog

    A Tired Dog Is A Good and Happy Dog

    I'm an athlete that loves being outside, who also happens to love dogs.  I'll pick up your dog and take it on an adventure.  Walk or run, it's so much fun.  When you arrive home to your tired dog you can simply relax with your fur baby.

     I get paid to do this?  Life is good.

    Cat Feeding_edited.jpg




    Breakfast, Dinner, Bathroom, Medication

    I pop in for at least 25 minutes to give your baby love, companionship, food, fresh water, meds, sunny spot time. Of course there will be play and exercise time as well as some brushing and cuddles.

     Don't worry about any indoor pet messes. I'll take care of any accidents, as well as clean the litter box.

    Before I leave I will do a walk through the house to make sure it is secure and safe.

    Hear From Clients


    in the car.jpeg

    Throughout the years, I have had many Dog Sitters for my two Labrador Retrievers and GoldenDoodle. Unfortunately my dogs require overnight care, which, as all pet lovers know, is extremely difficult to find unless a friend or family member is available.

    I found an invaluable resource in Karen Lowden. Not only is she a caring, thoughtful and honest person, she has amazing skills with pets, anticipating their needs, giving the correct meds, food, as well as playing, nurturing, brushing them, gaining their trust and confidence, as well as mine.

    Recently I had a family emergency. Karen stepped in, changed her own personal commitments and continued her excellent care of my 3 babies in my home until I was able to return. 

    Thankful to you always Karen!

    JoAnn Alfred


    Billy, Pea, Sita, Alfredo, Parkdale, Gerorgia, Norm, Soma, Finley, Frankie, Parfait, Fitz, Orbit,  are some of the four legged Karen and I have loved and cared for over the twenty plus years we’ve known each other. Karen is a caring, energetic, reliable pet lover who can be trusted to look after your pets while you’re away. 
    Suzanne Jaques


    Karen is most assuredly trustworthy and committed, whether simply walking my dogs if I can't get home, or staying over while I'm away.  I'm confident my dogs are well cared for and my home is safe. Minimal instructions are necessary as Karen is a home owner and a pet Mom. Especially to note is Karen's dedication to pet care for dogs needing walking, a long steady run, or special needs, she's up to the task. I would recommend Karen always, and stay worry free. 

    Candice Stern


    It's a great feeling knowing that your fur baby and your home are absolutely fine when you're gone.  I trust Karen so much that I don't feel the urge to check in with her everyday, because I know that she knows what she's doing.  I love getting the photos and videos she sends. My dog loves her (and all of the walks she takes him on) and because of that, so do I. Karen is the best around.

    Kevin Elmore

    IMG_7132 2.jpeg

    If you are looking for a loving, caring person to look after your pets in your absence, you have come to the right place. 
    Karen has been looking after my dogs when I have gone away for just about 10 Years now. My one dog who’s a rescue is very needy and has separation anxiety. She used to watch the door until I returned. Karen has managed to form a bond with her, and she feels as comfortable with her as she does with me. I have absolutely no worries or concerns leaving my most precious cargo with her! 

    She has also provided walking services as well as check-ins. She’s always prompt and loving. She takes the time to spend with my dog family to make them feel loved and comfortable. 

    I highly recommend Karen 4 Your Pets services. Your pets are in great hands.
    Jordana Stern


    Having a busy life with 2 teenage boys both in travel hockey, running a business, and loving to travel can be difficult when you have a dog. My sweet Tinkerbell, however, didn't mind because when I was away she got to spend time with Karen. Karen was like a second mom to Tinkerbell and loved her like she was her own. She was even in the room when we had to say goodbye a few months ago. I am forever grateful for the love Karen gave Tinkerbell for all of those years and that I never had to worry about my baby when I couldn't be with her.

    Jillian Dowling.


    Puppy in Red Cushion


    I provide so much more than simply filling up the pet food and water bowls.  This is what I do full time, it's what I do for a living. Pet owners who want quality care for their pets trust me because I take great pride in what I do and I go above and beyond.  Pets with special needs, behavioral issues, or that aren't potty trained will require more time, therefore different pricing.

    Complimentary 30-minute Meet and Greet

    I meet you and your pets and learn your routine.


    Starting at $25 for up to two pets.  Feeding, cuddling, making sure they get their meds, potty breaks.  I'll spend a minimum of 25 minutes with your pet.  Puppies and pets with behavioral issues require more time, therefore a small upcharge.

     Please inform me if you pet is in heat when booking an appointment.

    After my bedtime (10pm) check in $35


    Don't confuse this service with what you see on Rover etc.  Many sitters list their rates to ONLY sleep at your house.  Anything else is extra, and the price usually adds up to double what is posted.  My rates for making your home MY home start at $120 per 24-hour period, for up to 2 pets which includes a 60 minute morning and 35 minute evening walk. They will get ALL the exercise and loving. I'll only be leaving the house for a few hours at a time to run errands and do check-ins for other clients.  

    Dog Walking/Running

    $50 for a 60 minute walk, run, or outdoor adventure for up to two dogs. 

    $35 for a 30 minute walk.

    Additional purchase of check-in required for other services.

    Wedding Pet Attendant And Services     $400                               


    Karen 4 Your Pets Gallery

    Some of the Love Bugs I'm Fortunate Enough to be "Karen 4"

    Special needs?  No problem.

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